Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Open Beta

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Heatwave Interactive today announced that "Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising" is now in open beta. Registration is open until June 12 of this month and those interested can register at: www.playgodsandheroes.com

"The Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising open beta lets players experience the game's massive world filled with ancient lands, dramatic combat and mythological creatures two weeks before the game ships. Open Beta testers will be able to play four character classes, a revised new player experience, personal estates, a minion system, an updated combat system and 14 levels of gameplay. Players who pre-order the game during the Open Beta, can then join the Head Start program and start playing the full game a week before the box hits the shelves.

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is a full-scale MMORPG that immerses players into a universe of authentic Roman myth and legend. Players take on the role of a Demigod and celebrated hero of the Roman army who sets out on a quest for vengeance against an ancient enemy. While battling in the midst of Roman landmarks and legendary scenery, players can build and command their own squad of minions, customize their massive estate, combat mythological creatures, and unleash an arsenal of weapons.

For more information on Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, visit http://www.godsandheroes.com"


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