Gratuitous Space Battles Released

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Positech Games today announced the release of "Gratuitous Space Battles," the new space strategy game developed by ex-lionhead coder Cliff Harris.

"Gratuitous Space Battles is an innovative strategy game that plays like a ‘massively-singleplayer’ hybrid of RTS and tower defense. The player takes on the role of supreme admiral of embarrassingly large fleets of spaceships, which are all individually designed by the player, and is in charge of placing them in formations and issuing orders for them to fight against AI-controlled enemy fleets. Unlike a conventional RTS, the battle itself is non-interactive, as individual AI ship commanders carry out the general rules of engagement set by the player. This makes GSB a true strategic game, where the player is effectively winning or losing the battle before it starts by cunning ship design and clever orders, rather than twitch based reflexes mid battle. The battles themselves are suitably gratuitous, with a heavy emphasis on things exploding and going zap.
A cunning side-effect of the non interactive battles is the way GSB can be played asynchronously in multiplayer. Players of the game can upload a ‘challenge’ to the games server, which contains their fleet (complete with it’s ship designs) and other players can download and play against the challenge with their own fleets. You can issue open challenges, or private ones between players. There is also an infinite ‘last man standing’ play mode in the game.
GSB has been in beta for over two months, and already has a substantial and enthusiastic player base, with hundreds of active challenges, and thousands of designed ships and fleets. The game is on sale direct from the developer’s site, as well as through various online portals (with more to be announced soon). There is at last a demo of the game here:
And full details, including video clips and screenshots on the Gratuitous website here:
The official release of GSB in no way marks the end of the game development. GSB had 23 revisions during beta, and the developer anticipates many more tweaks, improvements, additions and expansions. A gratuitous number of them, in fact. The game is also very mod friendly, and some of the core game 3D artwork is freely downloadable from the website."


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