Guild Wars 2 is now Live

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The Guild Wars 2 website has been updated with the announcement of the Guild Wars 2 launch.

“Enter the ever-changing fantasy world of Tyria, where you control the story and your actions shape the world around you! With action-oriented combat, deep personal storylines, epic dynamic events, world-class PvP, and no subscription fees, Guild Wars 2 defines the future of online roleplaying games.”

“A reminder to North American players who pre-purchased or pre-ordered a physical copy of the Standard Edition, European players who pre-ordered the game, and any players who pre-purchased the Collector’s Edition: remember to pick up your Guild Wars 2 box and final serial code to continue playing!

These players will need to return to the retailer where they made the original transaction in order to receive their retail game boxes and final serial codes.

Pre-Order customers have 2 days after launch day —Aug 28 — to apply the final serial code to their account, while Pre-Purchase customers have 5 days after launch to do this. After this grace period ends, you will be unable to access the game until you apply the final serial code.”


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