Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions Developer Diary

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Mike O’Brien, president of ArenaNet and executive producer of Guild Wars 2, has a new post up on the ArenaNet blog that discusses upcoming microtransaction testing.

“In this month’s closed beta event, we’ll do some early testing of the Guild Wars 2 microtransactions system. Our microtransaction content isn’t nailed down yet, but we have a good framework in place to support it. So, I’d like to take a moment to explain our goals and the system we have developed to meet them.

We believe in microtransactions because they fund ongoing development of the game in a very straightforward and open way. You, the customer, get to decide how much money you spend on the game after launch, based on how compelling it is to you. You get a complete and playable game no matter what, but we think we can provide additional content and services that you’d be happy to pay for. And when you pay for them, you help fund our support of Guild Wars 2 in a way that benefits all players of the game.”

Read the full post on the ArenaNet blog.


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