Guild Wars Novel Announced

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NCsoft today announced "Ghosts of Ascalon," an upcoming novel based on the Guild Wars series.

"Written by acclaimed authors Jeff Grubb and Matt Forbeck, Ghosts of Ascalon introduces readers to a fantasy world ravaged by war and chaos, and sets the stage for the release of the highly-anticipated sequel Guild Wars 2™.

Scheduled for release in North America and Europe in the summer of 2010, Ghosts of Ascalon takes place in the dangerous land of Tyria, the setting of Guild Wars. A mismatched band of adventurers, each plagued by ghosts from their pasts, journeys into the haunted, war-torn kingdom of Ascalon to retrieve a sacred relic that holds the promise of peace between humanity and their ancestral enemies, the savage charr. But not everyone wants peace, and the undead king who rules Ascalon won’t give it up easily!

In Guild Wars, one of the best-selling fantasy role-playing franchises of all time, players adventured through an epic storyline that spanned three continents or faced off against each other in head-to-head combat. Ghosts of Ascalon takes place in the same era as the upcoming Guild Wars 2, hundreds of years after the events of the original Guild Wars series. The sweeping storyline, richly imagined setting and dramatic characters will appeal to both fantasy readers and fans of Guild Wars alike.

For more information on Ghosts of Ascalon, please visit"


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