Hearts of Iron III In-Game Trailer

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Paradox has released a new trailer for "Hearts of Iron III", that focuses on Japan and the Pacific war.

Set to release on August 4th, the game was recently awarded the Readers Choice "Best of E3 – PC Strategy" on Voodoo Extreme, along with being nominated for the "Best of E3 – PC Strategy" on IGN and Gaming Excellence.

About the movie:

This brand new Hearts of Iron III movie depicts the strategic problems Japan faced during the Second World War. Long supply lines stretching over the Pacific Ocean were vulnerable to hostile navies, but were needed to transport resources back to the Home Islands in order to fuel the war effort in China. This called for a large and powerful navy, and an inevitable conflict with the United States.


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Hearts of Iron III Boxart


  • Developer: Paradox Interactive
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Release Date: January 28, 2015
  • Link: The Official Site
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