Help Release Portal 2 Early with [email protected]

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The countdown timer just ended on the Aperture Science website, which redirected to a new page that announces the gaming community can unlock "Portal 2" early by playing the 13 Potato Sack games to "reboot GLaDOS." The page is complete with a current usage chart and the requirements for launch.

"08:57 – Default boot scheduled to finish in 93:49:26
08:58 – Activating emergency distributed computing grid…
09:00 – [email protected] starting…
09:01 – Recruiting cpus to force faster boot sequence…"

Details on the Potato Sack Pack:

"Get The Potato Sack and join in on the one-of-a-kind limited-time crossover sleuthing game event of the season! 13 hit indie games together in one pack. Already own any of the games in this pack? Give your extra copy to a friend.

Plus, if you own all 13 of the games in this pack (or purchase this pack), get a special Team Fortress 2 potato hat (Hat available after April 5th) and a special skin in Portal 2 co-op."


4 Responses to Help Release Portal 2 Early with [email protected]

  1. xCHEMICAL says:

    Unfortunately I am extremely dissapointed with two things. The first being no actual early release, which would have been nice after 2 delays already. Plus this potato sack nonsense being nothing more than hyping the game up whilst trying to sell other worthless games many people don’t care about playing.

  2. abcdefg says:


    Why? First, an early release is possible, so saying “no actual early release,” leads us to believe you didn’t actually read anything. Nothing is definite, as it all depends on the potato event. Also, the game was delayed. Whoopdedoo. Would you rather have them release a game prematurely? Valve is not going to make that mistake after many other companies rush incomplete games to market.

    Another thing, you are complaining about $150+ in games on sale for ~$40? What’s wrong with that. I’d rather see this, support for indie developers, as well as a nice little hype generator, than just a typical, “wait for this day,” release.

  3. Filip says:


    Although I don’t EVER like to troll, I feel strongly enough about this to respond. I can understand xCHEMICAL’s disappointment; I feel it too, and mostly for the same reasons.

    I really admired VALVe’s viral marketting when it came to Portal 2. It was intelligent in its complexity and adherence to the Portal story; secondly, they anticipated just how involved the audience for Portal can be. In other words, it was a beautiful relationship – VALVe raised interested in the game while expanding their market, and fans were kept busy until the actual release.

    The subtlety of this viral marketing was one thing I liked most. In a world where ads today are flashy, direct and practically begging for your money, it’s refreshing to see something different.

    That’s why this disappoints me. The hidden messages in the games and exclusive Portal 2 content in them were advertisments themselves to buy the games and see what everyone’s talking about (ESPECIALLY with the motivation that it would result in an early release).

    VALVe had a unique opportunity to shock and surprise the gaming world one last time before the game’s official release had they confirmed it would be available today. Instead, they decided to milk it just a bit longer. It would have been a spectacular finish to the already stunning ARG and game; instead, its transparency leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

    I would still be disappointed even if I had bought the Potato Sack. (In fact, my presumption about the early release was that it would only be available to Potato sack owners anyways.) For those users, it would have been the final and sweet reward for all of their involvement in the ARG. Even if there is a slightly earlier release, we’ve been waiting 4 years for this sequel anyways – what’s four or three more days to anyone?

    It’s true that there’s only something be gained from this as there still could be an early release. But I think I speak for many when I say VALVe has me wrapped around their fingers after such a long and involved ARG, and this last and direct attempt to milk it even further leaves me feeling just a bit used.

  4. Mr. Potatoballs says:

    I have to say I completely agree with Filip. The countdown clock reaching zero was the height of my day. To only find out I have to play more games till I can play a different game? Well the one thing I do have to say is I hold Valve close to my heart due to the altruistic move to promote other company’s games. When it would be just as easy to say buy more of our games to release Portal early or buy useless shwag to do the same, but no they chose to take the high ground and promote other company‚Äôs games. Now I’m sure that they get some kind of cut for the sale but nothings free any more.
    I do want to say I would have never played Super meat boy on my own. After the constant nagging of a friend I decided to see what it was all about and easily became addicted. To that I say thank you Valve.

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