Indiefort Bundle 2

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GamersGate has a new Indiefort bundle for sale, which includes 3079, Fortix 2, Aztaka, Dark Scavenger, DEMISE: Ascension, Intrusion 2 and some extra bonus content. The total value of all of the games is about $80 and the bundle price is $5.99. With Indiefort bundles, any extra money that customers give goes to each of the participating developers.

“GamersGate has teamed up with a group of supremely talented developers to create the Indie Fort Bundle – 6 great games at the price of less than one! Not only that, but we’ve made it possible for you to show your support – if you pay more than the minimum $5.99 (or €4.99 or £3.99) price, then all of the extra money goes straight to the devs!”


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