IndieFort Bundle 3 Available

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GamersGate today announced IndieFort Bundle 3, allowing customers to pick a certain number of titles to purchase, depending on the package chosen, out of 24 total games. In addition, a competition on the GamersGate Facebook page allows fans to vote for their favorite 3 games, which will be available in a special package after a week of voting.

“The IndieFort Championship opened for the public today at 12.00pm GMT with 24 games available, but it’s also possible to just get a few of them in smaller packs. Bronze will give your choice of 3 games, with Silver you can choose 6 games or at Gold level you pick 9 out of the available 24 games.

This IndieFort bundle, as with earlier ones, has been put together with the help of Alex Poysky – a veteran in the indie games business. “I think this is an amazing opportunity for gamers to get hold of some of the best indie games around, and I’m proud to be a part of the biggest indie bundle ever” he comments.”


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