Jack Thompson Disbarred by Florida Supreme Court

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The lawyer that most gamers love to hate has been disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court.

"The referee has filed a corrected report recommending that respondent, John Bruce Thompson, be permanently disbarred without leave to apply for readmission  to The Florida Bar.  Respondent submitted a petition for review of the referee’s  report.  The Clerk did not accept the petition for review for filing.  This action was  in accord with this Court’s opinion dated March 20, 2008, which sanctioned respondent for abusive filings and barred him from filing on his own behalf.  The sanction opinion provided, in pertinent part: "the Clerk of this Court is hereby  instructed to reject for filing any future pleadings, petitions, motions, documents, or  other filings submitted by John Bruce Thompson, unless signed by a member in  good standing of The Florida Bar other than himself."  Fla. Bar v. Thompson, 979  So. 2d 917, 921 (Fla. 2008). The opinion also noted: "in sanctioning respondent, we  are requiring him to retain qualified counsel so that his arguments might be  properly presented through the appropriate procedures in the appropriate forum.  We do not limit such counsel’s ability to challenge the referee’s findings and recommendations on review."  Id. at 919."

You can view the full press release from The Florida Bar at floridasupremecourt.org (PDF).

Later today, Jack sent a copy of an emergency motion to Kotaku responding to the court in addition to his own press release. An excerpt of the press release is below:

"Miami attorney Jack Thompson, nationally and internationally known by virtue of his effective and successful opposition over the last 20 years to the broadcast, marketing, and sale of adult-rated entertainment to children, has just been informed by the Florida Supreme Court that he has been disbarred from the practice of law today.

This disbarment is in retaliation, among other things, for Thompson’s Tyndale House book Out of Harm’s Way, published in 2005, which blew the whistle on the Florida Supreme Court’s earlier efforts in the 1990’s to literally pathologize his faith-based and successful activism against the American entertainment industry. The Florida Bar’s insurance carrier was forced to pay Thompson money damages for that earlier assault upon his First Amendment rights, which is the only known payment of damages by any state bar to any lawyer for improper disciplinary efforts. It appears that the State of Florida will be paying Thompson more damages this time around for its illegal, now repeated, use of “discipline” to punish a Christian lawyer for his activism in the public square."


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