Jack Thomson Officially Disbarred

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Every gamer’s favorite lawyer has been officially disbarred according to The Florida Bar website. This means that "John Bruce Thomson" is no longer eligible to practice in the state of Florida and this will likely destroy his chances of practicing elsewhere.

Jack is, of course, known in the gaming community as a lawyer who would continually show up in the news media in his campaign against video game violence. Usually, he would blame games for crimes committed by juveniles. He is known for blaming games such as "Counter-Strike," "Halo," "Grand Theft Auto," "Bully," and several other popular games, often stating that a killer had "trained" on a game.

The great majority of gamers, including the 2404 staff, believe that Jack’s campaign was a severe mistake and an attack on free speech. The 2404 staff doesn’t condone excessive violence but on the other hand, we don’t believe in censorship either. We play games as an escape from reality, to experience things that we never would in life, and most importantly, to have fun. We hope that someone else doesn’t come along to fill his shoes but given the fact that the mainstream news media loves to use video games as a scapegoat, this probably won’t be the end of an attack on the art form that we enjoy.


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