JoWood in Finacial Trouble Again

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Gameinformer translated a German website, which claims that JoWood has failed to recapitalize its debt, which could lead to the end of the company. If that happens, questions about DreamCatcher Games / The Adventure, which JoWood purchased in 2007, will certainly arise – not to mention the upcoming "Gothic 4" expansion that was indefinitely delayed.

From Gameinformer:

"JoWood had been granted a stay of execution by a Vienna court in January as it tried to find new investors to inject cash into the ailing company. The two investors that looked most likely to save the publisher have both pulled out, and the huge amount of debt incurred by JoWood in previous years and a disastrously unprofitable 2010 looks to be insurmountable. The standard bankruptcy filing the company is now in could result in individual properties being sold off to pay back its creditors."


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