King Arthur II Demo

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Paradox today announced the release of a demo for King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame, giving players a chance to try out the upcoming role-playing strategy sequel by NeoCore Games.

“This demo for the anticipated sequel to Neocore Games’ critically acclaimed King Arthur series gives players a taste of what’s to come, allowing champions of Britannia to play through the title’s tutorial and first mission. With an expected gameplay session of about 60 minutes, King Arthur fans will be able to manage their army and territories, and lead their battalion into battle.

Help set Britannia free when King Arthur II – The Role-playing Wargame releases on January 27th, 2012 (PC, $39.99).

Pre-order King Arthur II: The Role-playing Game and get access to the prologue chapter for free:

A list of download mirrors for the demo can be found on the official site.




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