King Arthur: The Saxons Announced

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NeoCore Games today announced "King Arthur: The Saxons", an upcoming expansion to the role-playing strategy game.

"King Arthur: The Saxons is a sandbox expansion where you lead the devoted warriors of Christianity, the Saxons against the tides of pagans and the gathering darkness.

King Arthur: The Saxons offers

  • A brand new campaign with 30+ hours of gameplay where you take the role of the Saxon king. The campaign is set during the events of King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame, but it follows a stand-alone story with a different ruler.
  • A totally new gaming experience with the free sandbox gaming mode – the objectives are only strategic goals and not the compulsory elements that lead you through the background story.
  • A complex diplomatic management:  you can establish diplomatic relations with your fellow kings and also with the guild of the outlaws, the Christian Church, the Sidhe, famous knights and brides-to-be.
  • Customizable Victory Conditions: you can set your own goals for the endgame (the number of Provinces conquered, the number heroes gathered, Gold accumulated and many more)
  • Customizable characteristics for the gaming environment: you can change the importance of magic in the world or the aggression level of the AI.
  • 5 new unique heroes:  gather the knights who follow the traditions of Beowulf, the legendary monster-slaying champion.
  • 3 new and unique unit types: the Guardians have many aspects, but they are all mighty and otherworldly warriors.
  • 5 new units
  • 10 new Hero Skills
  • 5 new Unit Skills
  • More than 30 unique artifacts (among them 5 sets of items that work more efficiently if collected)
  • More than 30 unique diplomatic and battle quests."

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  • Release Date: November 23, 2009
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