King Arthur: The Saxons Release Date and Diplomacy Details

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Neocore Games today announced that "King Arthur: The Saxons", the first expansion in the series, is scheduled to launch on July 8. In addition, new details on the new diplomacy system were released.

"King Arthur: The Saxons introduces a complex system of diplomacy where you can negotiate with the other significant powers of the Arthurian world. Form alliances with kings, hire mercenaries, send out valuable gifts to ladies, poison the supplies, brake out rebellions in hostile provinces or lure knights to your service. Make treaties with the lords of the Sidhe, send assassins or pay for protection against hired killers.

In King Arthur: The Saxons you can be a true diplomat and strengthen your rule in a dynamically changing political environment. Depending on the nature of the relationship you can make diplomatic offers to the different rulers and factions who fear or respect you. Diplomacy is not only about warfare: you can establish trade agreements or make peace with your enemies, but beware: you still have to pay for the consequences of your actions. Breaking an alliance or a non-aggression treaty will make your reputation drop dramatically and you will soon face new enemies.

If your reputation gets higher, you can convince some of the different factions to send a powerful hero or troops to your army. As the Saxon King, the protector of Christianity you can even convince the Christian kingdoms to join your Holy Crusade against the monstrous tides of the Sidhe.

As a great king, you will also need a lovely wife. Marry one of the four beautiful noble Ladies who can grant different benefits to your kingdom. Earn the gratitude of your chosen bride by organizing a charming feast or performing other actions that will increase her fascination.

Use these diplomatic actions wisely and become the most powerful King in the ancient land of Britannia."


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