Lead and Gold DLC Released on Steam, Free Weekend

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Fatshark today announced the released of "Appendoah Valley" on Steam, a new free DLC pack for "Lead and Gold". In addition, a free weekend for the game begins today.

"The farmers and miners in Appendoah Valley are experiencing a conflict of interest, to say the least. Tensions have grown steadily and when Old Jessup, head of the McKenna clan, proclaimed “This vale ain’t big enough for both of us” the ongoing petty harassment and shenanigans soon escalated out of control.

The McKennas took dynamite to the railroad tracks, and sabotaged the life line of the Mining operation. In response, the Krug Mining Company flooded parts of the McKenna crop fields.  Both sides have now gathered a veritable army of the worst dregs to soil the face of the west. Rustlers, cutthroats, desperados, hired guns and mercenaries have been amassed for an epic battle to decide the fate of the vale.  When the dust has settled, the new kings of Appendoah Valley will be crowned.

Dedicated to the Lead and Gold community, Appendoah Valley sees a variety of player paths, a wide choice of gameplay styles and several stylish locations for shooting off hats."


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