LEGO Universe Opens Nexus Tower

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The LEGO Group today announced the opening of the "Nexus Tower" in "LEGO Universe", which is claimed to be the largest in-game structure ever built.

"As Nexus Tower opens its doors soon, tons of new content is being released for all players to explore and enjoy. This will include new characters, weapons, Faction-specific pets, and over 50 new missions, as well as access to the new LEGO Universe Vault system for safe-keeping extra models and gear.

Thanks to the multitudes of minifigures who donated bricks to the recent community mission, Nexus Tower is now complete! Standing tall as the largest structure in LEGO Universe, Nexus Tower serves to protect Imagination from the chaotic Maelstrom, and is the new headquarters for the four Factions of the Nexus Force coalition.

Nexus Tower will be the main social center of the Universe, with existing and future content accessible from portals within the hub. You can blast off from Nexus Tower’s Launchpad to game worlds far and wide – Nimbus Station, Crux Prime, LEGO Club, Starbase 3001 and beyond! Beginning soon, players can fly to Nexus Tower from the Race Place launch pad in Nimbus Station.

Learn more about how you can explore LEGO Universe at!"


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