Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Gracia Final Details

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NCSoft has released details on "Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Gracia Final", the upcoming free expansion in the series.

"This final part to the Gracia series offers an extensive amount of new content, including a renewed experience for both new and veteran players in the world of Lineage II.

Lineage II is a beautiful war torn land where trust is critical and betrayal is inevitable as players battle for glory and clans struggle for political supremacy. Choose your path and dominate mercilessly in this legendary MMO. Claim your fortune and rule the castles and lands that over 19 million of the world’s gamers  have explored.

The world is waiting for its leader; will you heed its call?


Discover the continent of Gracia
Journey through the skies of the breathtaking and perilous lands of Gracia, using the aerial transformation skills Aurabird Falcon, Aurabird Owl and the Kamael’s special Final Flying Form. While whisking through the air, be on the lookout for the new aerial and land based hunting grounds, which will challenge all of Lineage II’s players.

Refined PvP combat and arenas
Gracia Final introduces multiple new ways for players to compete and experience the ultimate thrill of PvP. From expanding a time honored classic PvP tournament, the Olympiad, to include three vs. three competitions, and adding the new Aerial Cleft PvP arena where individuals can register and compete in random PvP matches, it has never been easier to get into the competitive side of Lineage II.

Expanded clan features
Level your clan up to 11 to earn additional benefits that expand clan abilities and membership. At level 11, clans will continue the struggle for economic and political dominance. However, additional Royal Guards and clan skills should provide an edge to those who prove themselves worthy.

Territory battles
Territory battles bring a new level of land control and provide a unique “capture the flag” style PvP experience that rewards dominating clans with castle-related skills and additional revenue. Unlike castle sieges, where battles are fought between clans, territory battles allow individual players and groups unassociated with clans to participate as anonymous mercenaries in these epic wars over the lands of Lineage II . All territory war participants can receive Territory which can be traded for new items through the Territory Manager.

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