Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade DLC Released

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Paradox and NeoCore games today released a free "Allies" DLC pack for "Lionheart: Kings' Crusdae", which will be available to all customers who purchase the game before October 17. The DLC is available via the major digital distribution portals.

"You can add Taqi al-Din Umar, one of the trusted allies of Saladin that has been fighting alongside his vizier since they first moved to reclaim the Saracen lands. Or choose Arthur of Brittany that fought so bravely in the battle for Cyprus that he earned frequent comparisons with his legendary namesake.

Or you can bend the rules of history by adding Joan d'Arc, the enigmatic warrior-woman from another time and place and she will appeared in Jerusalem in a flash of blinding light claiming that God had brought her to free the Holy Land. At your disposal is also Lancelot, King Arthur's greatest champion, the most famous – and infamous – knight of the Round Table to the Crusader regime as you rewrite history."

The full list of details on the Allies DLC is posted on the official site.


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