Majesty 2: Kingmaker Map Making Contest Announced

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Paradox Interactive today announced a map making contest for "Majesty 2: Kingmaker", giving participants a chance to win a bundle of Paradox games and 100,000 currency points on GamersGate. A few map editor tutorials were also posted on Paradox's Youtube channel to get you started.

"Using the Majesty 2 map editor included in the latest patch, players are being invited to send in their best and most inventive creations up until the closing date of May 17th. All entries received will then be judged by Paradox Interactive, with the winner not only receiving eternal bragging rights, but also a bundle of Paradox Interactive games and 100,000 Blue Coins, the virtual currency of digital download store GamersGate. The winning map will then be made available in the Majesty 2 item store for other fans to download and play.

To enter the Majesty 2: Kingmaker map making competition just follow these simple steps;

1: Use the map editor to create a single player scenario

2: Visit the official contest forum page for submission details:

For a glimpse of the potential of the map editor visit:

For more info, visit the Majesty 2 fan page on Facebook and "


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