March of the Eagles Developer Diary

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Paradox Interactive today released a new developer diary for March of the Eagles, the upcoming RTS game.

“Set for release early next year, “March of the Eagles” takes you the cabinet chambers and killing fields of Napoleonic Europe. Lead one of Europe’s great powers to victory and uphold or take down the Corsican upstart that sits on the throne of France.

The first developer diary was published today, and it focuses on the big picture – what “March of the Eagles” is all about and information about the geography, the design vision and the team’s ambitions. The developer diaries will be published on a weekly basis up until the release to take you deep inside the development of their strategy/wargame March of the Eagles.

In the first diary, Johan Andersson, Studio Manager at Paradox Development Studio introduces March of the Eagles:
“We like to think of all of our games as one big family, so, think of March of the Eagles as a love child with a lot of parents. It has the war focus from Hearts of Iron, the time frame and visuals from Europa Universalis, and victory conditions similar to those you’ve seen in Sengoku.”

Read the complete developer diary.”


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