MechWarrior Online Role Warfare Dev Diary

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The MechWarrior Online site has been updated with a new developer diary post that covers role warfare in the upcoming new game based on the classic series.

“Role Warfare is a term used for applying in-game mechanics and features, which assist a player in optimizing the game for their style of gameplay.

There are 4 basic types of gameplay roles in any team based game. These are the common roles found in military conflicts between two or more forces, and are similar to a chess game in terms of how they play out on the battlefield. The four roles are:

  • Scouting – Gathering information as a reconnaissance/stealth unit that gets relayed back to the rest of the friendly force.
  • Defense – The defender holds the ground gained by the offensive forces and protects those in need.
  • Assault – The assault role is for the tactical forward units whose primary role is to seek and destroy.
  • Command – The command role is split into two different levels, lance and company. Lance command falls to those in charge of up to 3 other players and assist in coordinated attacks on key targets. The company commander utilizes the 2 other lance commanders and all information being relayed back to him to make global calls on the battlefield.”

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