Miner Wars Delayed

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Previously set to be released in 2009, Keen Software House today announced that "Minder Wars" will now be released late this year.

"Keen Software house has decided to take the following steps in order to release a product that the community of 6DOF gamers deserve.

  1. We will start offering our game at a promotion pricing level that will be at roughly 1/3 of the final product price
  2. All the players that will buy the game at this promotion pricing will get a full game with no extra charge on the day of release
  3. Our promotion pricing will only be applied to the PC version of the game. Xbox360 release will feature a full game with future upgrades.
  4. All the players interested to participate on this model will receive a release in these steps:
    1. Single-player beta featuring some basic features and missions
    2. Improved single-player beta with more features
    3. Single and multi-player beta access with some basic features
    4. Single and multi-player full game with all the features set to the date of release
    5. Stable flow of upgrades for their full game

We at Keen software house love our community and listen to our fans.
When you enter our community you will receive many more things that we only show at our forum webpages at http://www.minerwars.com"


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