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Forbes posted an interview with Notch and Jakob Porser, of Mojang, on Friday. The interview begins with the basics and background of Minecraft and also discusses Scrolls a bit.

Here is one of the questions on Scrolls:

"Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from Scrolls?

Jakob: Scrolls will be about strategy from start to finish. The player starts out with a collection of magical scrolls. From this collection they must design a deck to take to battle against other players. As they win matches they gain points which can be used to acquire new scrolls to improve their deck or maybe create a new one. As they do battle they must use their deck to outmaneuver their opponent. Summon minions to fight for them, blasting their opponent with spells, have siege weapons wreck havoc with the enemy defenses, all while managing the resources needed to play the scrolls in their possession

Scrolls is a very dynamic game and with a steady addition of new scrolls inserted over time, the players will have to be on their toes in order to be successful."

Read the full interview on Forbes.


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