Morrowind 2011 Graphical Overhaul Mod Collection

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Tyler Smith, an Albertan Morrowind fan has released a collection of several graphical modifications for "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind" as one big pack, which is gaining some buzz around the community. He posted the following description on his site:

"My name is Tyler Smith and I’m from Calgary Alberta. I have played Morrowind since it first came out over the years I have seen many guides posted on how to upgrade Morrowind. I find that many of them changed to many aspects or messed up the order for the data to be extracted. So, I have spent the past few weeks since December 2010 taking what I had and rebuilding a mod compendium, that anyone can take follow a few setups for setup and be done to play."

The collection is available to download as a torrent at MediaFire and there are installation instructions at:

A sample video has been released, which notes that FRAPS made the video darker than the actual modified game.


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  1. max says:

    I want Morrowind 2011 graphical overhaul!

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