Mytheon Storyline and Boss Info

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True Games Interactive and Petroglyph have released new information on the storyline and bosses of "Mytheon."

"The ancient Greek mythology and expansive folklore of Mytheon transports players to a time where heroes do battle with legendary monsters and gods. Chief among the grand and colossal gods in the ancient world is the mighty Poseidon, god of the seas and earthquakes, and the creator of horses, including the famed Pegasus. One of the early environments in Mytheon is The Shattered Isle, a mystical island created by Poseidon to house his family and loyal servants. This island represents the dichotomy of the seas; beautiful and tranquil on one side, and dark and treacherous on the other.

Poseidon was the first and only god to attempt an outright assault on the fabled city of Argos. Had it not been for the protection of the Golden Fleece, the city would have fallen. He is encountered on the Shattered Isle where he is amassing an army to destroy the city of Argos. Poseidon’s wrath is born out of arrogant jealousy over mankind’s newfound favor with the Fates. For millennia, he has blessed mankind with such gifts as his beloved horses and the secrets of sea-faring.

“Experiencing the myths and legends we grew up with are what make Mytheon such a unique online experience and the giant gods in the game are an amazing challenge, said Peter Cesario, director of new business and product development at True Games Interactive. “For years video games have been trying to capture the essence of fighting something so powerful, so huge that it is god-like; Mytheon is the real thing.”

Challenging a god-sized boss is one of the many thrilling encounters Mytheon players will face. And none is more epic than battling Poseidon, the master of earth and water who uses these primal elements to decimate entire legions of men. It is ill-advised to rely on summoned structures in this epic fight, for Poseidon’s mastery of the earth will ensure their destruction. At his command are the various creatures of the ocean, including a giant man-eating sea monster called the King Sentinel. Guarding Poseidon’s temple is the majestic Pegasus—in order for Poseidon to be challenged, Pegasus must first be defeated, proving the Stonecaster’s worthiness to face the mighty deity himself.

“Using mythologies from the various civilizations throughout our history as the basis of the story of Mytheon has given us a wealth of material to pull from,” said Chris Rubyor, lead designer of Mytheon at Petroglyph. “We wanted the player to feel instantly familiar with the monsters and gods he or she will be fighting, but still feel a sense of awe and wonder at the encounters. We look forward to expanding on the Greek mythology that greets players in Mytheon to even more incredible encounters from Egypt, Asia and more as we continue to expand the game.”

Mytheon is an online, multiplayer action/RPG with strategic game play where players experience classic mythology come to life and challenge legendary gods to define their own fate. Players, or "Stonecasters", are powerful humans imbued with the ability to cast spells, summon minions, and erect structures that aid them in battle. An assortment of classes are available that approach combat differently and offer a range of unique, cinematic abilities.

Using some of the best and most familiar mechanics from traditional collectible card games, players will earn, buy, trade and collect stones they can assemble similar to deck-building among a thriving online community. Several compelling features have been added to create fast, visually stunning 3D combat sequences with a deep layer of strategy beneath it.

For additional details on Mytheon and to sign up for the closed beta test please visit: To follow all the latest news, please visit, and"



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