Natural Selection 2 Playable Alpha in 2 Weeks

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Perfect World Entertainment today announced that a closed alpha version of "Natural Selection 2" will be available to customers who have pre-ordered the special edition of the upcoming game on July 26.

"This special edition, which also gives players exclusive all-black marine armor, will not be available after that date. The introductory pricing will also end at that time and the regular edition price will increase (currently $20). Over 12,000 players have pre-ordered to date.

“We actively supported the original Natural Selection over a period of five years and 20 versions. We added 18 maps, new weapons, alien movement abilities and a new gameplay mode. Getting NS2 to a playable alpha state marks the beginning of a new journey for us – one that we intend to support just as much.”

“Instead of taking the big-company approach and not giving access to a game until it’s too late to make major changes, we wanted to give our fervent community early access so we can make the game the best it can be. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our community and their support so it only seems right that we let them try NS2 at the earliest phase.”

About Natural Selection 2Natural Selection 2 is the sequel to the popular Half-life mod, Natural Selection, which was the most popular independent Half-life mod and was played by over 300,000 players for over 2 billion player-minutes. Natural Selection 2 is a online-only first-person shooter and real-time strategy hybrid. Players can play as marines, aliens or commanders and fight in atmospheric sci-fi environments.

We have released our simple game tools, SDK and our environment art to everyone that pre-ordered the game for testing, feedback and to jump-start community mapping. For more information about Natural Selection 2, please visit"


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