Natural Selection 2: The Onos Introduction

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Unknown Worlds Entertainment has announced details on the "Onos," an alien in the upcoming Half-Life 2 modification "Natural Selection 2".

"The Onos is the cornerstone of the Kharaa forces in Natural Selection 2, a hulking alien bruiser that specializes in plowing through Marine defenses. You’ll never forget the first time you see one of these 12-foot tall, heavily-armored creatures bust down a solid steel door and start charging in your direction!

Players controlling an Onos will have a number of marine-wrecking abilities at their disposal, starting with the basic Gore attack that can toss enemies around and tear down doors. When used effectively, one solid hit can take an entire squad out of the fight for a few valuable seconds until they get back on their feet. Bone Shield brings the Onos’ impressive armor to bear, extending the blades on its head and making frontal attacks completely useless, while Stomp sends out a shockwave that disables any Marine equipment within range.

It may not be the fastest or most agile opponent you’ll face in Natural Selection 2, but pray you’re prepared if you find yourself face-to-face with an Onos, because they never go down without a fight!

For more information about the Onos and its abilities, head to"


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