Naval War: Arctic Circle Developer Diary Video

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Paradox released a new developer diary video for Naval War: Arctic Circle, in which Turbo Tape developers share their vision of modern naval battles over natural resources.

“In the near future, civilization is still reliant on petroleum, but the easily accessible land-based oil reserves are dwindling rapidly. The nations of the far north struggle to harness the rich untapped wells of the Arctic Circle and will go to war to guarantee control of the black gold.

Naval War: Arctic Circle gives you over 36,000,000 square kilometers (14,000,000 square miles) of seascape to navigate, from the Northwest Passage above Canada to the frozen islands of Russian Novaya Zemlya in the east. Listen to the development team explain how this wide geographic expanse guarantees infinite replayability as you take sides in war that is all too easy to imagine.

Naval War: Arctic Circle is set to release in Q2 2012 for a suggested retail price of $29.99/€29.99.”


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