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IDEA Games and Bohemia Interactive have released another new "ARMA II" video on the game’s official website.

"International Conflicts: Whether read about in newspaper articles or viewed in "real-time HD Pro Dolby Stereo direct from the battlefield"; the huge and mostly brutal impact on a civilian population is clear to see. The 3rd video from the series of planned updates on the ARMA II homepage introduces the Pro-Russian separatist “Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star” (aka “ChDKZ”) party and its compulsive need to control people, specifically their aim to destabilize the situation in Chernarus and to gain direct and absolute control of its “own” province.

Their will for power is being continuously thwarted by Chernarussian Defensive Forces. Each battle, each piece of land gained or lost, is paid for by the lives of soldiers and especially by an unfortunate civilian population with nowhere else to go. Analyze the situation and explore the background of this forthcoming conflict which will decide the future of Chernarus, a country chained to the threat of an upcoming civil war."


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