New Bounty Bay Online Expansion in July

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Frogster Interactive announced that a new expansion for "Bounty Bay Online", which brings players back to the high sea, will be released in July.

"The last add-on, ‘Atlantis’, focused on land battles, while the coming update takes fearless virtual buccaneers back out to the high sea. With three new ships to choose from, players can test their might on their own or in groups – engaging in thrilling sea battles or facing off against the advancing Spanish Armada. The latter is led by Spanish Admiral Medina Sidiona, whose aim is to capture the English mainland. In the sea battle of Cravelines, players must combat a mighty naval convoy consisting of gunboats, cruisers, and destroyers, as well as gigantic battleships. As a final challenge, they must then confront the practically insurmountable flagship of Admiral Medina Sidiona.

To give them a sporting chance, virtual captains receive three new types of ammunition to temporarily incapacitate opponents, inflict particularly severe damage, and negatively affect the accuracy of enemy cannons. Sure to delight all the virtual seafarers is the new Ship Improvement System, which allows players to vastly improve their ship’s stats through the use of powerful special items. That way, players have the opportunity to customise their ship’s strengths to their own specifications and finally become the terror of the seven seas.

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