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THQ and Relic have launched a new community website in preparation for their upcoming real-time strategy sequel "Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor".

"This new community site features developer blogs from Relic Entertainment, community forums, exclusive content and the latest in-depth information about the Company of Heroes franchise, including the upcoming Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

About Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is the next standalone chapter in the critically acclaimed Company of Heroes franchise – a series that received multiple Game of the Year awards from IGN, GameSpot, GameSpy, Yahoo Games, and more.  Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor introduces a new “direct-fire” feature that allows players more tactical control of their units and more strategic options in-game, and features three new single-player campaigns, new multiplayer modes, new units, and additional maps.  Developed by THQ studio Relic Entertainment and powered by Relic’s proprietary Essence Engine™, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is fully compatible with Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, allowing players who own the entire series complete access to the epic battles of World War II.  Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor ships to retail outlets worldwide on April 13, 2009.  For more information, please visit"


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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Boxart


  • Developer: Relic
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Genre: RTS
  • Release Date: January 28, 2015
  • Link: The Official Site
  • ESRB Rating:

Minimum Requirements

• Win XP / Vista
• Intel Pentium 4 2Ghz / AMD AthlonXP 2000+ GPU
• 512MB RAM
• 9GB HDD Space
• 64MB GPU with Pixel Shader 1.1

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