New Steam Hardware Survey

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Valve has announced the beginning of a new hardware survey though the company’s Steam platform, which will now collect data on a monthly basis to track customer adoption of new hardware components.

"The new version of the Steam Hardware Survey tracks hardware adoption behavior by collecting data on a monthly basis directly from computers running Steam. Today’s re-launch of the public survey results includes data collected since June of this year, and reveals adoption trends from the past six months. The results are now updated on a monthly basis and allow readers to view specific reports of interest.

The survey was first conducted in March of 2004, when Steam made its commercial debut with the launch of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Since then, Steam has collected data from over 8 million PCs. In addition to allowing individual gamers to compare their computers to those of the community at large, the Steam Hardware Survey has become an industry touchstone, providing valuable insight for companies across the software industry.

For more information or to view the survey, please visit"


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