Nuclear Dawn Now Scheduled for September 2011 Release

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Interwave Games today announced that "Nuclear Dawn" is now scheduled for a release in September of this year. Additionally, players who pre-order the game, when pre-ordering is available, will be entered into the closed beta and may get a chance to participate as early as August.

"The game that’s been already on sale on Steam three times so far could not let April’s Fool day pass by without an announcement, and the only way to do so properly is to announce our new release schedule, along with some details on how to participate in the upcoming closed beta.

Nuclear Dawn will be released in September 2011. Which date, you ask? When it’s done, we say.Pre-orders will open sixty days before the release date, and players will be able to purchase the game as early as July 2011. Players who have pre-purchased the game will be automatically invited to the closed beta, and will be able to play Nuclear Dawn as early as August 2011.

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