Overlord II Trailer

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Codemasters released a new trailer for "Overlord II" today, giving viewers some more info on the upcoming action adventure sequel by Triumph Studios.

"Behold! …invaluable advice on applying your evil ways in a more focused and professional fashion with A Career in Overlording. A range of subjects are covered: from brightening up your dark and foreboding fortress with a few feisty maidens to making the most of your downtime after a hard day covering a range of subjects. (In a shower of molten lava or large rocks, usually.)
Also available for download – for those of you that missed the Minion memo – is the first in the series, Controlling One’s Minions. This first Minionstry offering proffers handy tips on deploying your horde and instructing them to: fight for you, steal for you, crush for you, even don disguises for a little daring-do.

The forces of darkness need you, so don’t delay – be evil today!"


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  • Developer: Triumph Studios
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Genre: Action Adventure
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  • Link: The Official Site
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