Pirates of the Burning Sea Expansion Features, Beta Application

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Flying lab software today released details on the upcoming "Power & Prestige" expansion, which is scheduled to be released this summer. In addition, players interested in beta testing the expansion can now apply at http://www.burningsea.com/page/ppbeta.

"Power & Prestige™ expands upon the game’s already robust real-time Conquest system, allowing players to not only capture ports on behalf of their parent nations, but to also become a Port Governor with great economic and strategic influence.

Pirates of the Burning Sea: Power & Prestige™ Feature List:

Port Governance

Become the Governor of a port! In Power & Prestige™, players and player societies can spend influence to elect Governors in ports throughout the Burning Sea. Once elected Governor, you can:

  • Display your name under the port's name in the Open Sea, or choose to share the glory with their whole society. You can also set a message that greets anyone who enters the port.
  • Take important economic and military actions such as setting the tax rate of the port, improving the port's infrastructure, reducing the port's unrest, and boosting the port's defenses.
  • Draw a salary from the port's coffers.
  • Display a special title while you are governor, and access an exclusive shop to purchase special governor-only items.


  • We are adding over 60 new missions to the game, using new techniques to produce content that is even more exciting and challenging.
  • We have added new content to ensure that you can reach Celebrated reputation with your favorite player-friendly factions and be rewarded for it!
  • We are introducing four new "Pirate Hunter" factions: the Board of Marque, the Men of War, the Salon d'Aventure and the Corsarios del Rey. Each of these new privateering factions has unique storyline missions available to all nations!
  • Factions will have shops that offer outfitting, customizable clothing and sails to players who have earned sufficient respect.
  • We’re adding new repeatable missions as part of Port Governance: Governor's Requests! Complete the bonus objectives to infuse your favorite port's treasury.

Avatar skill revision

We’ve giving our Avatar Combat skills an overhaul, and we’re separating out Brawling to be its own fighting school.

Ship Combat Tuning

We’re giving every ship in the game a significant revision, and we’re adding new features to help combat troublesome outfitting stacking!

  • Career Improvements

Each of our five careers is getting a complete revision, which will include the addition of new skills allowing for more tactical gameplay.

  • Character Lighting Improvements

Character lighting in towns and other environments has been overhauled to look more realistic."


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