Ravaged Pre-orders

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Reverb Publishing and 2 Dawn Games today announced that pre-ording for Ravaged has begun. The game will release worldwide on October 17th.

“Ravaged is a 32-player, first-person online multiplayer shooter designed specifically for the PC. Created by the veteran team at 2 Dawn Games, an indie developer formed by team members who previously worked on Desert CombatBattlefield 2, and FrontlinesRavaged is aimed at delivering fast-paced on-foot and vehicle-based combat. Featuring five classes, clan support, dedicated servers, and anti-cheating measures, Ravaged provides endless value at the accessible price of $24.99.

Players who love to showcase their FPS skills can enter Reverb’s Ravaged Video Director’s Contest. Prizes of up to $3,000 in incredible hardware packages can be won by players who show off their “cinematic apocalyptic action” skills. Do it by clicking HERE.”


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