Raven Squad Has Gone Gold

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SouthPeak Games today announced that "Raven Squad" has gone gold and is scheduled to ship on the 20th.

"Coming to the Xbox 360 and PC, Raven Squad combines Real Time Strategy and intense First Person Shooting with a flare akin to the iconic 80’s action flicks that inspired an entire generation to create a genre all it’s own.

Combining two distinct genres of gameplay, Raven Squad allows players to choose how they want to approach each mission, with the options to play through entirely in RTS, FPS or a mixture of the two modes. Using two squads of three, players will help Raven Squad work their way through the Amazonian jungles in an effort to put down a rebel group attempting to overthrow the Brazilian government. Vicious shootouts, hostage situations, peasant persecution and vehicle chases offer players a myriad of exciting interludes throughout the 12 level campaign. Oh, and did we mention it’s fully cooperative both online and local via system link? Well, it sure is hoss.

Raven Squad is ready to explode your face and grill your burritos on August 20, 2009."


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