Runes of Magic Officially Launched

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Frogster has announced that the free to play MMORPG "Runes of Magic" has officially been launched.

"From today players can immerse themselves in the first chapter called ‘Rise of the Demon Lord’ and experience the wonders of Taborea. Runes of Magic is available as a free download from the official website:

Anyone who has not yet registered can do so for free at the official website and leap into the adventures right away. Players with existing accounts can continue to use their characters created during the beta. Fans can also expect an expanded game world in comparison with the previous open beta phase version. New quests and an epic quest series, as well as new instances offer fresh game content. A final fine-tuning of the German and English translations and bug fixes have also been implemented. The fantasy world will soon been expanded with the addition of ‘Ravenfell’, a coastal area with a distinct pirate flavour. The game world will be further complemented by regular updates following the release."


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  • Developer: Runewalker Entertainment
  • Publisher: Frogster Interactive
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Release Date:
  • Link: The Official Site
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