Shadowrun Online Kickstarter Almost at Goal

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The Shadowrun Online Kickstarter campaign has just 16 hours to go but still needs to raise a little over $55K to hit its $500K goal.

“Says Jan Wagner, co-founder of Cliffhanger Productions: ‘The project has been the subject of some controversy amongst players, but we have tried to address the questions and concerns of the fans. There were some misconceptions based on our initial presentation, but we have made a point of engaging people directly and explaining to them the ambitious concept behind our game. In these last days on Kickstarter we have seen an overwhelmingly positive feedback for our new video and gameplay concepts. We are really unbelievably grateful for the enthusiastic community, which has grown around the campaign. I want to invite everyone who is skeptical to risk a second look at our Kickstarter page and see the rich potential the game has to offer. It is just a click away and it could mean the difference between seeing this project created or not. We call on all Shadowrun fans to helpus make this game happen!’
The Kickstarter campaign has raised 75% of its funding goal at the time of writing with a little over 24 hours left to achieve funding! For its final push, the campaign has added numerous incentives for all project backers as well as adding extra rewards to the current tiers.
More info on the Shadowrun Online Kickstarter Campaign and all the latest updates can be found here:


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