Stardock Games Coming to Steam

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The sale of Stardock's Impulse digital distribution system to GameStop in March removed the competitive barrier for Stardock to distributing via other online channels. Stardock announced today that its titles are coming to Steam beginning this week with Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity at a discounted price.

"Sins of a Solar Empire, developed by Ironclad Games, is the world’s most popular space-based real-time strategy game. In it, you are the leader of one of three civilizations embroiled in a galactic war, fighting for the survival of your entire race against relentless foes. Your success will depend on your ability to manage your empire and command your vast fleets of starships to victory. Players will colonize new worlds, develop extensive trade networks, conduct research, fortify their empires with powerful starbases and fleets of ships, plus control the galaxy using the unique diplomacy system that reacts dynamically to the players’ actions.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity supports both a single-player “sand box” mode against cunning computer players as well as a compelling multiplayer mode that lets friends and other players from around the fight epic space battles with massive starships, world destroying weapons and nefarious diplomatic and trade strategies.

“With the sale of our former PC digital download technology to GameStop earlier this year, we no longer have any conflicts of interest in offering our titles to other digital distribution channels,” said Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock. “We are starting with Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity with other titles being made available over the coming weeks.”

More distribution platform announcements are planned for Stardock titles in the coming weeks in order to give fans the opportunity to play on the platform of their choice.

Find more information about Sins of a Solar Empire at"


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  • Developer: Ironclad Games
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  • Genre: Space Combat
  • Release Date: January 28, 2015
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