Steam Greenlight Adds Software and Concepts

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Valve today announced that Steam Greenlight has been updated with new Software and Concept categories.

“Software in Steam Greenlight will work just like games, where we are looking to the community to provide data on what they would like to see made available via Steam.

Additionally, developers of games or software that are early in their development or creative process can now post their early work to start building a community and getting feedback from prospective customers. Concepts can be posted for free, but the voting on these items serves only to give the developer data and feedback and does not lead toward getting the game distributed on Steam.

To submit your Software or Concept, click the “Submit your item” button at the top of the main Steam Greenlight page.

Other changes made in this update:

  • The updated front page of Steam Greenlight now highlights recent submissions and Friends’ favorites as well as recent news
  • Developers can now add additional contributors to their items in Greenlight for the purpose of moderating and responding to community feedback
  • A new widget-creator has been added under the “About” section to help promote your Steam Greenlight entry
  • The FAQ has been updated to add some new questions and include information about Steam business in general
  • Steam Greenlight logos are now available for download, also listed under the “About” section”

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