Strange Adventures in Infinite Space for Free

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Shrapnel Games announces the free release of "Strange Adventures in Infinite Space," a strategy game developed by Digital Eel that was originally released in 2003.

"Up until now if one wanted to see the birth of the Infinite Space universe a monetary transaction was involved but those days are now over! Digital Eel, in their bid to attain Beatles-like popularity in the indie gaming world, has now made Strange Adventures in Infinite Space available for FREE.

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is twenty minutes (at a time) of pure retro sci-fi gaming bliss. Explore a randomly created universe, meet aliens, acquire artifacts in the name of scientific progress and stellar manifest destiny. If you’re a fan of Weird Worlds take a trip to see where it all began. If you have yet to experience either game there’s no better way to get your feet wet. Enjoy the free, full game and when that desire for more sears your soul be sure to check out the sequel, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space."


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