Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict Gone Gold

Share | today announced that "Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict" has gone gold and is available to pre-order.

"The game is expected to be released for download within 4-6 weeks. Mail deliveries usually take 1-2 weeks longer. However, you can place your pre-order already now, and you'll not only be one of the first to get the game once it's released, you will also get the limited edition* printed manual AND you will save $10 in the process!

When you pre-order, you will be able to download the game immediately when it's released (in fact, a little before the official release announcement is made, giving you a head start on the crowd) AND you will receive the box, CD and limited edition* printed manual in the mail a little later.

This "download & mail delivery" offer will cost \$55 after the release, and you can pre-order it now for \$45, a \$10 savings!

Click here to pre-order Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict:"


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