The Baconing Released

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Hothead Games today announced the release of The Baconing, an action role-playing game, on all platforms.

"In The Baconing, hero DeathSpank, oblivious of an ancient Thongolith myth, carelessly pulls on all six Thongs of Virtue at the same time, summoning an unspeakable self-evil, the AntiSpank. DeathSpank must bear the incredible heat and enter the Fires of Bacon to destroy five of the six thongs to vanquish the AntiSpank.

With an improved tactical combat system, players can defeat evil on their own or partner up with new side-kick, Bob from Marketing and other characters for local co-op play. Along the way, DeathSpank travels through sci-fi inspired worlds, meeting a hilarious cast of characters, and obtains new Weapons of Justice and suits of armor as he fights to return peace to his beloved Spanktopia.

For more information on The Baconing, please visit"


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  1. jackross says:

    I was looking on youtube and found The Baconing, i am interested to play this game.

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  • Developer: Hothead Games
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  • Genre: RPG
  • Release Date: August 30, 2011
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