The Witcher 2 v1.2 Patch

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As promised yesterday during the CDP Summer Days broadcast, patch version 1.2 has been released for "The Witcher 2", which includes more than 30 significant additions, improvements and fixes.

"Version 1.2 of The Witcher incorporates several downloadable content packs. A highlight is the completely new “Barbers and Coiffeuses” DLC, which adds the option to use hairstyling services in the game, and thus the possibility for the main character to have a total of six different looks.  A video showing these haircuts may be viewed at  In addition, six previously released DLCs are now automatically installed as natural parts of the game. Some of these provide equipment and other items that can be quite helpful right from the start of play in the Prologue.
Adam Badowski, Development Director at CD Projekt RED, commented, "Making a very good game is, in my opinion, equalled in importance by the need to offer strong ongoing support, especially on a platform as complex as the PC. I hope providing two major patches within barely more than two weeks after release demonstrates our dedication to supporting The Witcher 2 over the long term. What’s more, this is just one small sign of our commitment to this guiding direction.  PC gamers can expect more goodies from us in the future. And of course, we won’t charge for them since we feel it’s our duty to improve and enhance the game for both current and future players."
The game now patches to version 1.2 automatically during a fresh installation, or through the auto-patching option from the Game Launcher if version 1.1 is already installed. Any players who installed and also activated their games but did not apply patch 1.1 should do so manually from; this will enable auto-patching to the latest version. In addition, patching from version 1.1 to 1.2 can be done manually via Users who purchased the Steam digital version must use the Steam patcher.
The Witcher 2 was released internationally for the PC in mid-May.  It has been received exceptionally well by gamers and media alike, and sold through 400,000 copies in its first week.

Additional information is available at the recently re-launched official site,"


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  1. Hengst says:

    FYI, how this worked for me, was when I started the witcher 2, it asked if I wanted to patch the game. After downloading the patch, nothing happened except that a little graphic appeared telling me that it was ready to update to 1.2.

    After making sure the launcher was closed, I went into my documents/witcher2/downloads folder and found the patch launcher and double clicked it. This ended up doing the trick and I was good to go. I can confirm that my performance seemed to have increased immensely on high after updating to 1.2

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