Troy Online Open Beta Test Launched

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ALT1 Games today announced the launch of an open beta test for Troy Online.

"ALT1 Games has plans to release new updates during the open beta test, as well as run a number of events including beta key giveaways for new and current users. For the open beta test, ALT1 Games has changed the game engine to enhance the quality of game graphics and improve game. If you participated in the previous test, you can check how much the graphics have changed. You can view the updated graphics at the Troy Online official homepage.

ALT1 Games has placed a server in Europe to solve the lagging problems which plagued international users. The strong point of the game was that the battle system allowed more than a hundred users to fight at once and thelag did not allow players to experience these wars. The lag issues should slow down if not cease entirely with the implementation of a European server.

ALT1 Games has also announced that they will continue to update the game to reduce further lagging issues and place servers in other territories in accordance with user distribution.

To participate in the open beta test, players need to sign up at the Troy Online official website and download the client. All players, even those with the closed beta client, must download the new client. Don’t miss the open beta events, starting August 12th! Check out more details at the event page."


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