Valve Linux Team has Source Engine Running Faster on OpenGL

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A new blog post was added to the Valve blog highlighting Source engine hardware testing. In an interesting development, the team has Left 4 Dead 2 running about 17% faster with Ubuntu and OpenGL than the standard Windows and Direct3D version of the game. Valve has been working with Windows for a long time, which makes these new stats interesting. The team was also able to increase the OpenGL speed on Windows by about 12% vs Direct3D. Additionally, the team is working with Nvidia, AMD and Intel on testing and boosting performance, which should benefit the Linux gaming community.

“This experience lead to the question: why does an OpenGL version of our game run faster than Direct3D on Windows 7? It appears that it’s not related to multitasking overhead. We have been doing some fairly close analysis and it comes down to a few additional microseconds overhead per batch in Direct3D which does not affect OpenGL on Windows. Now that we know the hardware is capable of more performance, we will go back and figure out how to mitigate this effect under Direct3D.”

Read the full post on the Valve blog.


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