Vindictus Gets the Blood Lord Next Week

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Nexon America today announced that the Blood Lord, aka The Nightmare of Ainle, will be invading "Vindicuts" beginning January 19.

"The Blood Lord is the most challenging raid boss to come to Vindictus so far. Up to six mercenaries can join together to face him, but bringing him to submission will require every trick in the book due to his devastating arsenal of attacks.

Known to some as The Nightmare of Ainle, the Blood Lord moves with cunning speed across the map. He’ll periodically rise above the battlefield and rain fire down on players, but don’t stand too close to him for long because he also has devastating melee claw attacks. As if that weren’t enough, the Blood Lord can disappear in a cloud of smoke and move around vampire-like as a host of bats.

Players must be at least level 45 to face the Blood Lord, but those who are victorious against him will be able to craft the coveted Nightmare Armor set.

Also releasing in the January 19 content update are all new hairstyles, face paint and body tattoos in the cash shop.

To learn more about the latest events in Vindictus visit:"


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