War of the Roses DLC on Wednesday

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Paradox Interactive today announced that the next DLC pack for War of the Roses will be released on December 19th, which will include new armor, weaponry, and new snow-covered maps based on the historic battles of Wakefield and Towton.

“The truly pious will also be able to wield the Dagger and Sword of Mary for Christ’s Mass, inspired by medieval depictions of the Virgin Mary, laden with holy symbols. Both weapons will be available Friday, Dec. 21, at a special holiday price. But that mercy will expire on Dec. 26, at which point the prices will rise to the cost of a King’s bounty!

Join Paradox Interactive this Thursday, Dec. 20, at 7pm GMT / 11am PST for a special War of the Roses broadcast as they demonstrate both new maps and show off all the new content. To get a front row seat to all the medieval mayhem, tune into the official Paradox Interactive TwitchTV channel at www.twitchtv.com/paradoxinteractive.”


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